Radiation Hardness

Located only a few steps away from one of the most important Cyclotrons in Europe, Incize can provide radiation hardness characterization and modeling services. We facilitate putting the setup for the irradiation tests, characterize the DUTs before and after irradiation. Ability to characterize device immediately after irradiation can be crucial in some experiments. Therefore, proximity of our labs close to the Cyclotron is an important added value.

At the Cyclotron Resource Center (CRC) of Louvain-La-Neuve we have access to the following irradiation facilities:

  • Heavy Ion Irradiation
  • Proton Beam Line
  • Neutron Irradiation
  • Gamma Irradiation


Experimental characterisation can be supported by Geant4 simulations. Geant4 is a powerful tool to simulate particle and matter interaction. 


Contact us to find out more: info at incize dot com

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