Due to our profound experience in the domain of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) substrates, at Incize we can support our customers from the initial phase of generating a new idea to the  physics-based modeling phase.

We are proud to deliver our customers with accurate results for a wide range of applications. Substrate solutions that we have offered to our existing customers results have helped them to develop a diverse range of products. These include innovative silicon wafer substrates, novel imaging pixels, complex MEMS substrates and mobile applications substrates.

At Incize we offer:
  • Substrate quality assessment using innovative non-destructive techniques
  • Measurements and modeling of substrates RF and linear capabilities
  • Testing of the electrical quality of interfaces between different layers in the substrate
  • Wide frequency band and nonlinearities characterization using state of the art equipment
  • TCAD simulations of novel structures and materials

Incize uses in-house designed test structures to characterize and extract figures of merit that accurately describe various substrate characteristics. We can also design and fabricate new test structures or use the ones provided by a customer.

Our facilities support a wide frequency range (0 to 110 GHz), a wide power handling (-25 to +40 dBm) and extreme temperature environments (4 K to 600 K)


Contact us to find out more: info at incize dot com

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