Nonlinearities in SOI substrates

SOI substrates are utilized in RF front-end modules (FEM) in wireless communication systems. FEM are characterized with their handling of high frequency and high power signals. Hence, these circuits require a high level of linearity and are very sensitive to all sources of nonlinearities like harmonic distortion generation and intermodulation. The sources of nonlinearities are traced down to the substrates. SOI substrates are capable of offering excellent suppression of nonlinear sources. This module tackles:
  • Origin: The origin of nonlinearities in substrates, especially in SOI substrates
  • Technological solutions: the different types of SOI substrates introduced as the technological solution to suppress the nonlinearities of the substrates and what is the mechanism behind this technology.
  • Figures of Merit: What are the main figures of merit that fully characterize the linear/nonlinear behavior of the SOI substrate.
  • Modeling: How to accurately model the substrate, as an equivalent circuit or using a SPICE like approach.