Ultimate Integration on Silicon 2014

  1. Makovejev, S., Kazemi Esfeh, B., Barral, V., Planes, N., Haond, M., Flandre, D., & Raskin, J.-P. (2014). Wide Frequency Band Assessment of 28 nm FDSOI Technology Platform for Analogue and RF Applications. Ultimate Integration on Silicon, ULIS.

This work presents an in-depth wide-frequency band assessment of 28 nm FDSOI MOSFETs for analogue and RF applications. The focus is mainly on such figures of merit (FoM) as the transconductance gm, the output conductance gd, the intrinsic gain Av and the cut-off frequencies ftand fmax. Firstly, 28 nm FDSOI MOSFETs are compared with other advanced devices and are shown to outperform them. Secondly, gm-Av analogue metrics is demonstrated to be affected by operation frequency. Small-signal parameters variation is limited and dominated by self-heating effect. This is in contrast to the first generation of ultra-thin body and BOX devices without a ground plane where coupling through the substrate has a considerable effect. Thirdly, the self-heating effect is analysed and shown to be smaller than previously predicted by simulations for such devices. Fourthly, it is shown that ft reaches ~270 GHz in the shortest devices. [link]

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